We are Battery Manufacture.

凯时A great number of high quality batteries with you

We specialize in researching ,producing and saling lithium-ion battery.

We go through some strict process as we weigh up eveything from design and features. It means we bring for our customer what we believe is the best battery in market with great style,design.

15+ Years Experience

1.3k+ Products Available

625,00+ Happy Clients


Battery Solution with your businiess

We can combine any of our products & services to create a package that’s tailored to your business

Battery Solutions

凯时We happy to offer one-stop power solutions that adapt to your need!

For Wholesale

We welcome all qualified domestic and international wholesalers, distibutor, importer to sale our products.

Power and Energy

CBT keeps focus on advanced and latest technology in battery field.

We have 15+ years of experiences give you better results.

A Full Service

We’re on a mission to buid Battery Solution with your businiess.

24/7 Support

We are happy for any requirements or consult our battery.


凯时We have a complete quality control system to ensure shipped in time .


Get in touch with us and let us help you

凯时If you have an idea or need battery and service for a unique project call or email us and we will make it a reality! We apply the most advanced techniques and utilize the best equipment in order to transform the idea in your mind into an amazing power supply for an industry.

Send us mail

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